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Building Code Compliance

Building Code Compliance

The release date for ALF 3.2 has been targeted to coincide with the release of the updated Energy Efficiency Clause H1 which came into effect for Climate Zone 3 in October, 2007.

For buildings in this zone; in order to comply with the Energy Efficiency Clause H1, they must have a BPI value of less than 1.55 kWh/(m2.°C.month). For Climate Zones 1 & 2 the building has to have a BPI value of less than 0.13 kWh/m2/Degree Days in the warm locations or less than 0.12 kWh/m2/Degree Days in the cool locations. Cool locations are areas within New Zealand where the degree day total (base 15°C) for the period 1st May to 31st August equals or exceeds 920. Locations with less than 920 degree days are defined as warm locations.

The climate locations for BPI calculations are set in the definition section of the NZBC.

Alternatively to the BPI verification the building also complies if it is built to NZS 4218. The standard has three different methods to show compliance:

  • the Schedule Method,
  • the Calculation Method and
  • the Modelling Method.

The building design complies with the New Zealand Building Code if it complies with at least one of the three NZS 4218 compliance methods. The definition of climate zones in NZS 4218 is slightly different. NZS 4218 contains maps showing the allocation of the climate zones.

ALF checks the building design for compliance with

  • a BPI for Clause H1 (2000) for Climate Zones 1 & 2
  • a BPI for Clause H1 (2007) for Climate Zone 3
  • the NZS 4218 Schedule Method and
  • the NZS 4218 Calculation Method.

Some specialised design options, which require additional treatment under NZS 4218, are not covered in the ALF program. In particular the additional requirements for underfloor and ceiling heating are not covered in ALF.

The appropriate climate zones are automatically applied by the program when you select a climate on the 'Climate & Heating page'.

(Copyright of the standard is property of the Standards Council and is protected as described in the NZS 4218:2004 document.)

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