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On the Design pages you enter information about the particular house design and location to perform an ALF analysis on it.

Construction Popup


On the 'Construction' page you can select the details of the wall/roof construction and the wall/roof insulation R-value. You can activate the 'Construction' page by selecting a wall construction on the 'Walls & Windows' page or a roof construction on the 'Roofs & Skylights' page.

The R-value of the insulation is entered in the 'Insulation Material R-value' text box at the top of the page. The insulation R-value is initially set to 0. You have to set the insulation R-value explicitly in this box. If you only select the construction detail and insulation type then the R-value of the insulation is 0, i.e. the wall/roof is not insulated. (See also Insulation R-value and Construction R-value.)

The 'Construction' page shows a picture of the currently selected wall/roof construction. At the top of the screen you can select details of the construction. The details include also the specification of the TYPE of insulation. However, selection specific detail with a particular insulation type (for example: '3 Dwangs, Studs 400mm ctr., Blanket and Segment Insulants') does not automatically change the R-value of the insulation material, because even for the same insulation type and thickness the insulation R-value can vary due to product specific properties, such as material density etc.

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