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On the Results pages you see the results of the ALF calculations for the designs, which you have entered in the Design pages.



This page shows in graphical form the energy flows of the 'Base Design' in the left picture and the 'Current Design' on the right. A different 'Base Design' can be selected on the previous page, '

Economic Analysis', the 'Current Design' can be changed on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
The numeric values under each of the two designs show the total gains (solar and internal) and the total load (loss through floor, wall, roof, window and infiltration plus the warm-up load). The useful fraction of gains is shown next. As a general rule, larger gain load ratios lead to smaller fractions of useful gains. Also an increased level of thermal mass and an increased level of insulation increase the fraction of useful gains. (For details please refer to section 'Usefulness of Gains'.) The heating energy is calculated by subtracting the useful gains from the total load.

The BPIs for the current and the reference design are also shown on this page.

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