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On the Results pages you see the results of the ALF calculations for the designs, which you have entered in the Design pages.



The graphs on this page show you the contribution of each of the building components to gains and losses.

The bar chart shows energy loads as negative values and gains as positive values. This display is particularly useful to evaluate the net energy contribution of windows in each of the walls/roofs because the gains and losses can be directly compared.

The pie charts show the contributions of each of the gain and load mechanisms to the total gains (top pie chart) and loads (bottom pie chart).

Note: The gains displayed in the chart are gross gains, i.e. the usefulness of gains is not considered in the charts.

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Floor compliance

  1. Carpets or floor coverings are not included in the floor R-value
  2. According to the NZS 4218:1996 the floor R-value is always met by concrete slab-on-ground floors and suspended floors with continuous enclosed perimeter with 100mm drooped foil. If you have selected one of these two construction types the floor R-value will always comply even if it is smaller than R-1.3. This generalisation does not apply to combinations of these floor types in ALF.

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