ALF help

Design help

On the Design pages you enter information about the particular house design and location to perform an ALF analysis on it.

Project setup


This page contains mainly house identification data. The name of the project is also entered on this page. The name of the current design is shown and the design description can be modified.

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Current Design

The current design name is shown on this page. The text box allows you to enter a description for each design in the project. This description allows you to summarise the particular features of each design and will make it easier to identify the different designs on the reports. Use the ‘Current Design’ drop down list in the top right hand corner of the screen to switch between designs, add new ones and rename or delete existing ones.

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Every user needs to create an ALF account. Creating an ALF account will ensure:

  • Confidentiality for your project.
  • Allow BRANZ to record usage of the ALF tool – BRANZ cannot access any individual projects. Your privacy is assured.

 Contact and Feedback

Contact us at Branz for further information about the ALF 3.2: Annual Loss Factor.