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On the Results pages you see the results of the ALF calculations for the designs, which you have entered in the Design pages.



The Report Page provides an extensive list of information about the current design.

The first part of the report deals with the project identification and set-up.

The second part shows whether or not the current building complies with Clause H1 (2000) of the New Zealand Building Code. It shows the result of the compliance test with a BPI and the Schedule and Calculation Method of 4218:1996. (Please refer to section 'Building Code Compliance' for a detailed discussion of the applicability of the ALF3 results in respect to the New Zealand Building Code. Copyright of the standard is property of the Standards Council and is protected as described in the NZS 4218:1996 document.)

The third part shows energy flows of each of the individual building components. It also shows total load and gains as well as the usefulness of the gains. The estimated required heating energy is shown in this part, as well.

The forth part shows the results of the economic analysis. It lists the description of the current design and of the base design against which the current design is compared. It also lists the economic assumptions underlying the analysis.

The fifth part lists all the major assumptions for the ALF calculation. It includes the dimensions and types of all the building components, air leakage data, thermal mass information and climate and heating assumptions.

The report can be printed by clicking on the 'Print Report' item on the 'File' menu.

If you are modifying the design and then want to return to the same position in the report you can 'mouse click' on the text which you want to appear at the top of the text box when you return to the Results Page.

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