​Getting started

Information you need to start using ALF.

After logging in, you can select an existing project or you can create a new project using the Create new project button on the top right of the screen.

If you are creating a new project, you will be asked to give the project a name, then asked to fill out all of the project details. The data you enter into the project details area will be saved automatically as you move to each box. You do not need to fill in all of this information immediately if you do not have the information at hand.

Along the top of your work area in the project, you will see a series of tabs: Project details, Floors, Roofs & skylights, Walls & windows, Thermal mass, Ventilation, Energy costs and Moisture. 

Enter the information required for each tab in turn. The data you enter will be saved automatically as you move to each box.

If using a proprietary system that is not included in ALF selection options, enter the R-value by selecting the construction type Custom R-value. Supporting information will need to be provided for building code compliance that the system meets the stated performance.

To produce a valid calculation every box relevant to a design should be filled (except for the Project details tab and the Moisture tab).  The Moisture tab only needs to be completed if this data is required. Where a box does not apply to your project or you do not have data, leave it blank – do not enter a zero.

When working in a project you have a choice of two views - Enter data and Results & reports. Enter data is the area you use to enter data about the project, and the Results & reports view gives you access to the energy gains and losses graph and the report.