​Viewing and using results

Use the calculation results to improve a house's heating energy efficiency.

When working in a project you have a choice of two views - Enter data and Results & reports. The Results & reports view gives you access to the energy gains and losses graph and the report.

If a house BPI does not fall below 1.55, this graph allows a designer to very quickly identify if this is the result of unexpectedly large losses in any particular building element. The source of the losses can be addressed and the BPI recalculated. 

Under the Results & report tab, you can produce a document with the project description, energy heat flows, Building Code compliance and other matters. You can print the report or download it as a PDF. Where a calculation has been fully completed and gives a clear BPI result of 1.55 or lower, this report can be included with a building consent application as demonstrating compliance with H1 - Energy efficiency.

The Moisture tab indicates the likelihood of mould in different rooms, the time the walls of each room are exposed to greater than 80% relative humidity (RH) and the time it would take for walls to dry. A design would clearly need to be changed if mould is found to be likely and/or the walls are exposed to high RH for extended periods of time.